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Double Storey Log Cabin Garage

Double Storey Log Cabin Garage

After nearly 12 months of planning and design issues I am pleased to say I finally had my Double Storey garage fitted earlier this year.

The overall size of the structure did cause a few planning issues, even though I was replacing an existing building. The strength of the base was of concern as was a soak away and fireproofing issues. Working alongside the timber buildings team we resolved all the issues to the contentment of the building inspector. I opted for a bespoke version of the double garage as i felt i needed improved space upstrairs for office space. The actual install only took the 3 fitters four days although i must add these were very long days, but I am glad i perseverred  with the project as i am delighted with the results.

My advise for anyone wanting a similar sized building is to inform the authorities in advance, present your plans and then expect a wait of around 6 weeks for a decision to be made. My main issue was the load bearing weight of the base, and this took a few months to resolve.

The outcome is that i now have more space in the garden as i have 2 vehicles to park up and, a beautiful building and a fuctional office area away from my house...Perfect !!!